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       The VISION of GRANDMAS UNIVERSE is to provide an accessible unified informational source to support positive growth of the grandmother grandchild relationship through products, activities, and information that encourage and present POSITIVE MEMORABLE INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCES from which grandchildren will benefit, and remain as a LEGACY for a LIFETIME. 


The MISSION of GRANDMAS UNIVERSE is to provide fully accessible information, products, and activities that develop, encourage, and promote the communicative process for the grandmother/grandchild INTERACTIVE relationship.



The PHILOSOPHY of GRANDMAS UNIVERSE is based on the fact that the INTERACTIVE development of the direct relationship between generations is a necessary and fundamental part of human development and is becoming a critical part of the support of human INTERACTION in a society that is further separating through the developments of social media.  'Multi-generational leading by example' has been the cornerstone of the development of families throughout the ages.



Using a SYSTEMATIC APPROACH, GRANDMAS UNIVERSE is constantly developing and providing new products, activities, and fully accessible INTERACTIVE information for the positive development of the grandmother grandchild relationship.

Grandmas Universe

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